[BioC] Probeset

ABIGAIL ANN SCOTT abigailscott at students.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 5 20:14:32 MET 2004

I'm trying to put data that doesn't come from affymetrix into affy.  I now have a 'fake' cdf object and an affybatch object.  The problem with my affybatch object is that it doesn't know which probes are pm/mm.  I've tried to tell it by using the pm, mm accessor methods of the affybatch object, but it doesn't like that.  I suspect that the root of the problems is my probesets, because the probeset function of my affybatch also gives the wrong output.  I can't figure out where the probeset information is kept, or how to update it.  Please point me to any resource, etc.  Thank you, *Abby Scott

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