[BioC] package "moe430acdf"

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 5 21:07:08 MET 2004

> > getBioC(relLevel="release", destdir="~/r181/library")
> Synching your local package management information ...
> Packages which have been removed:
>         XML
>         MAGEML
>         moe430acdf

What this implies is that these packages were not installed properly on a
previous run - what currently happens in reposTools (and isn't the most
clear thing, I will look to change this in the very near future) is that
when it attempts to install a package it adds it to the database - then
the next time something calls syncLocalLibList() (which getBioC does), if
the package actually failed to install then it sees that the package isnt'
there and in the eyes of syncLocalLibLIst() it looks like the package was
removed.  I need to add in some code to detect that the package actually
failed to install.

XML and MAGEML both use C code, and that can sometimes cause installation
problems - but I don't know why the CDF package would fail.

> > options(CRAN = "http://www.bioconductor.org/")
> > install.packages("moe430acdf", lib= "~/r181/library")
> No package "moe430acdf" on CRAN. in: download.packages(pkgs, destdir =
> tmpd, available = available,  

The CDF packages aren't currently available via our CRAN style 

What happens if you download the package manually from the website and do
a 'R INSTALL moe430acdf'?

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