[BioC] Digestion plot

Rich Haney rphaney at bigfoot.com
Sun Feb 8 19:13:15 MET 2004

If you are not using AffyRNGdeg and are just plotting your own data, one
example involving use of color is "plot(1:10,col=2); lines(2:11,col=3)".  If
you type col2rgb(2) or col2rgb(1:10), you will verify that the color you see
is in fact the RGB triplet ( 255, 0, 0 ).  You might want to check out the
reference manual sections on items such as "col2rgb", and "lines".  

Assuming you are using AffyRNAdeg, you might see that it can take a named
"cols" parameter to let you supply a vector of colors, such as 1:10.  Cols
is used in the AffyRNAdeg routine as follows: 
	for (i in 1:dim(mns)[1]) lines(0:((dim(mns)[2]-1)), mns[i,

So if you are using AffyRNAdeg, you can just pass an extra named parameter
using "cols=".  If you are new to R, just set that named parameter to 1:10,
for example.

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