[BioC] Dye swap time course experiment in marrayinput

Naomi Altman naomi at stat.psu.edu
Sun Feb 8 03:08:06 MET 2004

For normalization the batches of slides do not matter if you use the usual 
2-color normalization methods, which normalize each slide separately.  If 
you want to do multi-array normalization, you need to read all the arrays 
into a single batch.

However, for analysis, you likely want to use some type of ANOVA.  For 
this,  it is more convenient to read in all of the arrays in a single batch.

At 09:18 AM 1/23/2004, Richard Friedman wrote:
>Dear Bioconductor Users,
>         I have a time course experiment using a dye swap There are 18 
> slides in all, and a tiff file
>for each slide.The  slides may be described as
>condition1cy3-condition2cy5 time1       3 slides  6 tiff files
>condition1cy5-condition2cy3 time1 3 slides  6 tiff files
>condition1cy3-condition2cy5 time2 3 slides  6 tiff files
>condition1cy5-condition2cy3 time2 3 slides  6 tiff files
>condition1cy3-condition2cy5 time3 3 slides  6 tiff files
>condition1cy5-condition2cy3 time3 3 slides  6 tiff files
>My question: In marrayinput, when I read in the files, preparatory to 
>I have to use a file analogous to SwirlSample.txt in the example.  In that 
>file, do
>I read in:
>1. All 18 slides.
>2. Just the 6 slides from the first time point, so that the slides from 
>the other 2 time points
>should be read in and normalized in separate runs.
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