[BioC] OT: cell lines and tissues

Ghai, Rohit Rohit.Ghai at mikrobio.med.uni-giessen.de
Tue Jul 6 20:18:13 CEST 2004

hi Stefan

I feel that such comparisons would not offer as much contrast 
and clarity. Normal tissues would be best, even if isolation
is tedious. Cell lines grow in a completely different environment
than tissues. Gene expression is critically dependent on outside
cues from other cells in the tissue too. Of course, this also depends on
what is the question you are asking. If its a question of identifying
markers, these may be identified as one can then verify individual markers
on a smaller scale. But for a better distinction of the processes underlying
the disease state it would be better to use normal ovarian epithelium.


Hi everybody. 

This is definitely Off-Topic, but I'd like to have an opinion from the many
biologist (but not only!) that populate the list, about the following

A group of biologists is willing to study gene expression in ovarian cancer
tissues relative to normal ones. As the normal ovarian epithelium is single
layer, it's quite hard to get enough RNA. So 

they are actually going to compare normal ovarian cell lines grown in vitro
versus patological tissues. I feel a bit confused about this. Wouldn't be
better to amplify the RNA from normal 

tissues? Any other options? 

Any insight will be very appreciated. 


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