[BioC] Questions on arrayQuality

Richard Friedman friedman at cancercenter.columbia.edu
Wed Jul 7 21:15:30 CEST 2004

Dear All,

	I have the following questions on arrayQuality:

1. The documentation for 9-mer hybridizations discusses gpr files
      (the output of GenePix). Can arrayQuality be used for output
      from Spot?
2. Is there a way to custom specify the location of the 9-mers?
3. A program called Acuity is cited. What is Acuity?
4. Several of the figures did not come out with the html file that
     was in the doc folder.
Is a pdf file available?

Thanks and best wishes,
Richard A. Friedman, PhD
Associate Research Scientist
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
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