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Paquet, Agnes apaquet at medsfgh.ucsf.edu
Thu Jul 8 01:45:55 CEST 2004

Dear Richard,

We have been modifying several things in arrayQuality package since the
release. The latest version of the package is available from our website
http://arrays.ucsf.edu/software. In particular, the problem with the missing
images in the manual should be fixed. 

You can install it by typing in R:

For Spot output:

arrayQuality is not reading output from Spot directly at the moment. You can
still generate diagnostic plots from a Spot file by reading your data into a
RGList using the function read.maimage(source="spot") from limma, or into a
marrayRaw object using read.Spot function from marray. Then, call the
function maQualityPlots using your new object as argument.

I am planning to extend the 9mers and QCHyb quality control functions to
Spot files soon.

"2. Is there a way to custom specify the location of the 9-mers?"

I refer to 9-mers oligos as random small oligos that are hybridized to the
array to verify that all spots have been printed properly, not to the actual
probes on the arrays. As I am not sure to understand your question
completely, could you please give me more details about what you would like
to achieve?

3. Acuity
Acuity is a software developed by Axon Instruments that we use as database,
analysis and visualization tool. For more information:



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Dear All,

	I have the following questions on arrayQuality:

1. The documentation for 9-mer hybridizations discusses gpr files
      (the output of GenePix). Can arrayQuality be used for output
      from Spot?
2. Is there a way to custom specify the location of the 9-mers?
3. A program called Acuity is cited. What is Acuity?
4. Several of the figures did not come out with the html file that
     was in the doc folder.
Is a pdf file available?

Thanks and best wishes,
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