[BioC] problem with reposTools link in getBioC?

Michael Janis mjanis at chem.ucla.edu
Sun Jul 25 01:27:28 CEST 2004


Long time reader of this list, first time posting...

I'm upgrading to R 1.9.1, and subsequently updating BioC via getBioC version 1.2.61 on RH9.  Upon installation, I get:
gzip: /usr/lib/R/library/reposTools_1.4.2.tar.gz: not in gzip format
examination of the getBioC.R downloaded file /usr/lib/R/library/reposTools_1.4.2.tar.gz shows it is an html error page.

I can manually download reposTools_1.4.2.tar.gz and do an 'R CMD INSTALL ./reposTools_1.4.2.tar.gz' to circumvent this problem, but there appears to be a broken link in the BioC.R script somewhere around
'sourceUrl <- getDLURL("reposTools", PACKAGES, platform)'

Perhaps I overlooked something, but I think the getBioC.R script is broken in the manner described.



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