[BioC] about the swirl data

James Wettenhall wettenhall at wehi.edu.au
Tue Jun 1 12:30:06 CEST 2004


> R\rw1090\library\marrayInput\data, there are 7 files whose name is

In the marrayInput.pdf document in 
R\rw1090\library\marrayInput\doc\ the command:
loads the swirl.RData file EARLY in the document, but this may 
be confusing because you WILL NOT have an .RData file BEFORE 
you start your microarray analysis.  You have the option of 
saving your R session to an .RData file AFTER you have done some 

So just ignore the data(swirl) command in marrayInput.pdf 
for now (and ignore the following line showing the contents of 
the swirl object within R).

You could also look at the limma package which demonstrates 
methods of reading two-color array data (including the swirl 
data set).  In limma you would use read.maimages(...) instead of 

The marrayInput package and marrayClasses, marrayNorm etc. 
have now been merged into one package, just called marray.  So 
if you have a package called marrayInput, it may be out of date.

Hope this helps,

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