[BioC] Downloading Data from SMD

Ian Jeffery ian.jeffery at ucd.ie
Wed Jun 2 15:31:43 CEST 2004

Hi All
 I am interested in downloading the Breast cancer data from Zhao et al from
SMD.  I have used the following two commands before to download SMD data


G = read.maimages(dir(pattern='*.xls'), source='smd', fill=TRUE,sep='\t')

RG = read.maimages((dir(pattern='*.xls')),columns=(list(Rf=Ch1 Intensity
(Mean),Gf=Ch2 Intensity (Mean),Rb=Ch1 Intensity (Median),Gb=Ch2 Intensity
(Median) )),fill=TRUE)

 but when applied to this data I Get the error message

Cannot find column heading in image output file

I have tried specifying the column headings and using the skip command to
rectify the problem but I only get the same error message

Has anyone who has had a similar problem downloading data from SMD share
their experience and suggest a suitable command.


Ps Have attached a reduced version of the file type I am having difficulty
Abstract and data for the paper can be found at
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