[BioC] Varying intensity histograms for GCRMA

Andrew Harrison harry at biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 2 10:34:01 CEST 2004


	I am comparing results from the 1.4 Bioconductor release 
version of GCRMA with the old release 1.3 version. 

	Plotting the density of expression values results in a 
bi-modal distribution in both versions. However, with the old 
version the largest peak was at low intensities and there was a 
smaller (~1/3) peak at higher intensities. But with the new version, 
the largest peak is at high intensities and the smaller peak is at 
low intensity. 

	Biologically, the old results make much more sense (only 
about 1/3 of the genes should express in the spinal cord). What has 
happened to the code of GCRMA to make the differences?

	 Best wishes and thanks to all involved in gcrma.


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