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PJARES at clinic.ub.es PJARES at clinic.ub.es
Mon Jun 7 14:42:41 CEST 2004

I am a new user of affypackage and limma.
When I run rma or mas in affy package I get the following messages:

Bacground correcting.....error=cannot allocate vector of size 75249kb
In addition:warning messages:
1: "multiget" is deprecated
use "mget" instead
2 Reached total allocation of 511B: see help (memory.size)

Anybody could give some advice ?
Thank you 

Pedro Jares, Ph.D.
Genomics Unit, IDIBAPS
Barcelona University
C/ Villarroel 170, 
08036 .Barcelona, Spain
Telf. 93 2275400,
Ext 2184 o 2129
Fax 93 2275717

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