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James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Mon Jun 7 15:46:06 CEST 2004

Hi Pedro,

That error means you are running out of memory. If you are using a
windows system, you may simply need to allocate more RAM to R by adding
--max-mem-size=<amount of RAM you have in megabytes>M to the target
field for your R shortcut. For instance, I have 2 Gb RAM, so I have

If you are on some unix-type system (including Mac OSX), then you
simply need to get more RAM, or if that is not possible, try justRMA(),
which uses much less RAM.



James W. MacDonald
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>>> <PJARES at clinic.ub.es> 06/07/04 08:42AM >>>

I am a new user of affypackage and limma.
When I run rma or mas in affy package I get the following messages:

Bacground correcting.....error=cannot allocate vector of size 75249kb
In addition:warning messages:
1: "multiget" is deprecated
use "mget" instead
2 Reached total allocation of 511B: see help (memory.size)

Anybody could give some advice ?
Thank you 

Pedro Jares, Ph.D.
Genomics Unit, IDIBAPS
Barcelona University
C/ Villarroel 170, 
08036 .Barcelona, Spain
Telf. 93 2275400,
Ext 2184 o 2129
Fax 93 2275717

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