[BioC] Limma:What's wrong with my Targets file?

xpzhang xpzhang at genetics.ac.cn
Mon Jun 14 10:13:00 CEST 2004

Hell everyone!

I am trying to do single-channel normalization for my serverl slides
using limma. After I read the userguide of limma, I made a Targets
file.It is just like: 
SlideNumber	FileName	Cy3	Cy5 
1	2004-4-2-cy3(450)-0409-Con-only532.gpr	Con	Blank
2	2004-4-2-cy3(450)-0410-A24h-only532.gpr	A1h	Blank
3	2004-4-2-cy3(450)-4526-A5h-only532.gpr	A5h	Blank
4	2004-4-2-cy3(450)-4527-A10h-only532.gpr	A10h	Blank
5	2004-4-2-cy3(450)-4529-A1h-only532.gpr	A24h	Blank

And the file's name is Targets.I put it with the five *.gpr under the
same directory of limma's data.

But I failed in running limma.This is the result:
> targets <- readTargets()
Error in file(file, "r") : unable to open connection
In addition: Warning message: 
cannot open file `Targets.txt' 

Could anyone tell me why? 

Thank you very much!

Xiaopeng ZHANG <xpzhang at genetics.ac.cn>

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