[BioC] Which package "Multiget" belongs

nbing nbing at vt.edu
Thu Jun 24 17:37:53 CEST 2004

The bioconductor is from release 1.4. And the affy is version 1.5.0. 
Biobase_1.4.16. I definitely installed and loaded Biobase. Is this only me 
that get this error message? The maintainers is on this email list, right?

>===== Original Message From Jeff Gentry <jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu> =====
>> I am trying to use affy package.
>From 'devel' or 'release1.4'?
>> And I tried to search "multiget" functions with no success. I must missed 
>> packages from bioconductor. Could you tell me which package "multiget"
>> belongs.
>The multiget function exists in Biobase for release1.4, but will throw a
>warning on usage (as it was deprecated).  It does not exist at all in
>BioC-devel (in favor of using R's 'mget()' function).
>> install packages individually locally. Do i missed anythings here? And I 
>> installed every packages "Affy" depended such as Biobase, reposTools,
>> tkWidgets.
>Again - which version of affy, Biobase, etc ... from devel or release1.4?
>If you encountered this problem in the release1.4 version, you definitely
>should let the maintainers of the affy package know about this.  Actually,
>even if you encountered it in the devel version, you should let them know.

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