[BioC] maPrintTip confusion

Jean Yee Hwa Yang jean at biostat.ucsf.edu
Fri Jun 25 01:15:23 CEST 2004

Hi Alison,

maPrintTip refers to the print-tip or pins informations and that usually
corresponds to the number of Blocks (in gpr files).  However, maPlate
refers to the 384 well plate that the probes initally came from.  You can
calculate this from the layout information using the function
maCompPlate.  Hope I answer your question.



> I am using GeneSpring which gives array information in three columns: Block,
> Column, Row.  I had a question concerning the use of maPrintTip and maPlate.
> I am unable to find a way to manually input my blocks(24), columns(16) and
> rows(17) into maPrintTip.  I would like this information to be input in
> marrayLayout(either manually or through a command), and i am unsure how to
> do this.  Currenty, maPrintTip appears to assign those values, is there
> anyway that I can change this, or do I need to sort my data accordingly
> before I input it? (i.e. why isn't maPrintTip slot accessible?)
> My second question concerns the difference between maPrintTip and maPlate.
> I am confused as to what each of these varialbes represents and therefore
> what array data should go into each.  For example, should I set maPlate
> equal to a given column in my mfile, and if so should that column refer to
> my array block, row and or column?  
> Thank you. 
> -Ali
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