[BioC] maPrintTip confusion

Alison Wise Alison.Wise at pomona.edu
Wed Jun 16 20:08:41 CEST 2004


I am using GeneSpring which gives array information in three columns: Block,
Column, Row.  I had a question concerning the use of maPrintTip and maPlate.
I am unable to find a way to manually input my blocks(24), columns(16) and
rows(17) into maPrintTip.  I would like this information to be input in
marrayLayout(either manually or through a command), and i am unsure how to
do this.  Currenty, maPrintTip appears to assign those values, is there
anyway that I can change this, or do I need to sort my data accordingly
before I input it? (i.e. why isn't maPrintTip slot accessible?)

My second question concerns the difference between maPrintTip and maPlate.
I am confused as to what each of these varialbes represents and therefore
what array data should go into each.  For example, should I set maPlate
equal to a given column in my mfile, and if so should that column refer to
my array block, row and or column?  

Thank you. 


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