[BioC] error in Loess normalization

ibarrasa at mail.med.upenn.edu ibarrasa at mail.med.upenn.edu
Wed Nov 3 17:51:41 CET 2004

Hi all,
Could anyone give a hint on where to look to solve this problem?

I am doing a loess normalization using a subset of genes that don’t change.
I get the following errors.

> test2CLoess <- maNorm (test2Raw, norm = "loess", subset = nonDE, Mloc = 
TRUE, mscale = TRUE, echo = TRUE)
Normalization method: loess.
Normalizing array 1.
Error in simpleLoess(y, x, w, span, degree, parametric, drop.square, 
normalize,  : 
        invalid `x'

I had used the same commands and set of data with the previous version of R 
and marray and limma package, I was trying to check that everything was 
working the same way with the new versions. But the problem may not be related 
to the new versions but to some thing else.

Where can I find the documentation for what in “simpleLoess(y, x, w, span, 
degree, parametric, drop.square, normalize”  is expecting for x?

Thanks a lot


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