Ricardo Verdugo raverdugo at ucdavis.edu
Wed Nov 10 01:54:31 CET 2004


I am wondering if GOLL2GO is not available anymore in the GO package.

I just downloaded R 2.0.0 and installed Bioconductor. 

Although in the online description of GO the environment GOLL2GO  is listed, I can not find it in my installed version.

The output of GO() is 
Quality control information for  GO
Date built:  Tue Sep 28 14:59:13 2004
Mappings found for non-probe based rda files:
         GOALLLOCUSID found 7514
         GOBPANCESTOR found 8808
         GOBPCHILDREN found 4244
         GOBPOFFSPRING found 4244
         GOBPPARENTS found 8808
         GOCCANCESTOR found 1420
         GOCCCHILDREN found 470
         GOCCOFFSPRING found 470
         GOCCPARENTS found 1420
         GOLOCUSID2ALLGO found 37866
         GOLOCUSID2GO found 37866
         GOLOCUSID found 6246
         GOMFANCESTOR found 7370
         GOMFCHILDREN found 1337
         GOMFOFFSPRING found 1337
         GOMFPARENTS found 7370
         GOTERM found 17601

I have several scripts that depend on GO and I wonder if I will have to rewrite them. 
Is LOCUSID same as LL (locus link) and why the change?



 Ricardo A. Verdugo S., M.V.
 Juan Medrano Laboratory
 Animal Science Dept.
 UC Davis, CA 95616
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