[BioC] combining hgu133a hgu133b

Auer Michael michael.auer at meduniwien.ac.at
Thu Nov 11 18:09:09 CET 2004

I would like to know what the best solution is in analyzing data from the
same yource hybridized to hgu133a and hgu133b chips.
1. Shall the arrays be normalized sperately and merged afterwards?
  But then the question arises how to annotate, because there is no such
environment available
2. Shall the arrays be merged into one affyBatch before normalization? How
can I do smth like this. Which packages have the appropriate functions?
3. What about the similar sequences? Is there smth to worry about?
4. Is this not a problem often encounterd by analysits? Is there such a
function which merges the two environments automatically?

Thanks a lot for your help


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