[BioC] Problem with limma gui and sma

Teresa Casals teresacasals at yahoo.es
Sun Nov 14 18:27:40 CET 2004


I have installed limma GUI and I'm trying to repeat
some analysis that I did before with limma.
When I try to Normalize Within arrays using the
composite method (I have control spots called
"control" in the Spot types file) I receive the
"Error in library, character only=TRUE, logical=TRUE,
warn.conflicts=warn.conflicts, : 'sma' is not a valid
package--installed < 2.0.0?"

To be sure that this problem is not due to my data I
have followed the swirl tutorial, and whenever I try
to use "Within slides normalization" I obtain the same

Assuming that the problem may be due to an outdated
'sma' version I have looked for the new one in
Bioconductor's web but I have been unable to find it

Any ideas?


Teresa Casals

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