[BioC] HGU95a and HGU95av2 with gcrma

Vincent Detours vdetours at ulb.ac.be
Mon Nov 22 17:08:18 CET 2004

Dear all,

I need to run gcrma on HGU95a and HGU95av2 arrays. Although the
issue came up on the list, no answer was posted.

I downloaded hgu95av12mixcdf from
as recommended in previous postings.  RMA ran fine with this later

In order to run gcrma, I created a hgu95av12mixprobe package with
                 datafile   = "HG-U95Av2_probe_tab",
                 outdir     = ".",
                 maintainer = "Vincent Detours, <vdetours at ulb.ac.be>",
                 version    = "0.0.1",
                 force      = TRUE)

It worked fine. I then installed and loaded all the above data
package with "library" and made a combined affybatch with
rawc <- combineAffyBatch(list(rawc1, rawc2), c("hgu95av2probe",
"hgu95aprobe"), "hgu95av12mix")
which ran with no complains.

and then ran gcrma:
> es <- gcrma(rawc$dat)
Computing affinities.Error in compute.affinities(cdfName(object),
verbose = verbose) :
	NAs are not allowed in subscripted assignments

Any idea about what went wrong?

An idea would be to make a package from the cdf environment produced
by combineAffyBatch. But I don't see how to do this from
make.cdf.package, which takes only Affymetrix CDF files as argument.
How to make gcrma to use rawc$cdf?

Thanks for your help and for all the great work!

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