[BioC] downloading problems

Katie Roberts katier23 at stanford.edu
Tue Nov 23 18:24:32 CET 2004


I think the problem is in the downloading of the contents of the packages,
when I enter library() the packages appear to be there, but then I can't
access them.

> library(Biobase)
Loading required package: tools
> library()
> library(golubEsets)
> hist(exprs(golubMerge))
Error in hist(exprs(golubMerge)) : couldn't find function "exprs"
> exprs(golubMerge)
Error: couldn't find function "exprs"

Data set 'geneData' not found in: data(geneData)
> data(geneCov)
Warning message:
Data set 'geneCov' not found in: data(geneCov)

I'm using the most recent getBioC() from the website, and have tried
downloading everything at once, as well as packages separately. I'm using a
Mac OSX 10.3 and have also tried turning off the firewall prior to
downloading, but that hasn't seemed to make a difference.


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