[BioC] Installing Packages from Bioconductor: Error

Eric.Grund at serono.com Eric.Grund at serono.com
Tue Nov 30 14:47:12 CET 2004

Hi Everyone.

I am a R and Bioconductor novice.  On the R GUI when under packages I 
click "install packages from bioconductor" I get this message:

> local({a<- CRAN.packages(CRAN=getOption("BIOC"))
+ install.packages(select.list(a[,1],,TRUE), .libPaths()[1], available=a, 
CRAN=getOption("BIOC"), dependencies=TRUE)})
trying URL `http://www.bioconductor.org/bin/windows/contrib/2.0/PACKAGES'
Error in download.file(url = paste(contriburl, "PACKAGES", sep = "/"),  : 
        cannot open URL 
In addition: Warning message: 
unable to connect to 'www.bioconductor.org' on port 80. 

Any suggestions are appreciated?  Thanks.  Eric.


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