[BioC] gcrma problem

Wenqiong Chen wenchen at diversa.com
Fri Apr 1 00:58:48 CEST 2005

Hi, Jim and Zhijin:
I found the problem with the probe package, and it turned out to be very
much trivial! It is the problem with the quotation, in 
>getProbePackage(disdiv712aprobe), the name of the probe package should
be quoted! :-(

O.K, now, following each step in compute.affinities, I finally came to
the "real" problem in the line
> tmp.exprs[pmIndex[subIndex]] = apm
Error: NAs are not allowed in subscripted assignments

I have checked vector "apm" and there is no NA, and the lengths of apm
and tmp.exprs[pmIndex[subIndex]] are the same. Based on the code right
before this line, the tmp.exprs[pmIndex[subIndex]] has all the NAs. Does
this line try to assign the value from apm to

Thanks a lot!

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Wenqiong Chen wrote:
> Hi, Jim:
> Thanks for debugging for me!
> I tried the following commands and got exactly what you have expected.
> Also, I tried everything in the unix system, and got exactly the same 
> error message.
> Wenqiong

Hmmm. What happens if you do this:

do.call("library", list("disdiv712acdf", .libPaths()[1]))
do.call("library", list("disdiv712aprobe", .libPaths()[1]))

Does it list both of the packages after .GlobalEnv?

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