[BioC] tcltk problems

Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko simonf at cshl.edu
Wed Apr 13 00:01:36 CEST 2005


After installing R-2.0.1 and reinstalling bioconductor I've started 
having problems with tcltk (below). I do have tcl and tk RPMs installed 
on my Fedora 1 machine. I tried to use strace to find out what library R 
calls, but I could not learn anything. I'd be grateful for any help.


 > library(widgetTools)
Error in fun(...) : The tcl/tk library is not available in your system. 
Download/install the tcltk library from www.tcl.tk/software/tcltk/
Error: .onLoad failed in loadNamespace for 'widgetTools'
Error in library(widgetTools) : package/namespace load failed for 

 > library(tcltk);
Error in namespaceExport(ns, exports) : undefined exports: addTclPath, 
as.tclObj, is.tclObj, is.tkwin
In addition: Warning message:
S3 method(s) '$.tclvar', '$<-.tclvar', 'as.character.tclObj', 
'as.character.tclVar', 'as.double.tclObj', 'as.integer.tclObj', 
'as.logical.tclObj', 'print.tclObj', '[[.tclArray', '[[<-.tclArray', 
'$.tclArray', '$<-.tclArray', 'names.tclArray', 'names<-.tclArray', 
'length.tclArray', 'length<-.tclArray', 'tclObj.tclVar', 
'tclObj<-.tclVar', 'tclvalue.default', 'tclvalue.tclObj', 
'tclvalue.tclVar', 'tclvalue<-.default', 'tclvalue<-.tclVar' were 
declared in NAMESPACE but not found
Error in library(tcltk) : package/namespace load failed for 'tcltk'


Simon (Vsevolod ILyushchenko)   simonf at cshl.edu

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