[BioC] hgu133aMAP2PROBE...?

Dario Greco dario.greco at helsinki.fi
Mon Dec 12 14:07:52 CET 2005

I am using the package "globaltest".
I would like to test for the cytoband position of the probes (or chromosomes).

i am trying to figure out how to build up a "hgu133aMAP2PROBE" environment 
which would have similar structure to hgu133aPATH2PROBE, but so far i was not 
able to ifnd a way.
So far i have looked into the vignette for package AnnBuilder, but i was not 
able to find what i am looking for.

any suggestion? is there any easier way which allows me to carry out this 
analysis without creating a "hgu133aMAP2PROBE"?

thanks a lot,
Dario Greco


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