[BioC] frustration with this interface

david clayton dclayton at uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 22 03:43:49 CET 2005

I've been trying to post a legitimate question asking for help
with setting up bioconductor in Mac OS X Tiger.
After crafting a reasonably careful and thorough entry, I tried to 
"post the article."

First I got a message that there were lines longer than 80 characters.
The feedback was a bit rude, but I can deal...

I went back and manually edited all the lines 
(for whatever reason, the window in post.gmane.org/post.php
displays lines that are longer than 80 characters).
I then tried to post again.

This time I got nonsense about how I was 
"top posting. Don't do that."

All issues of etiquette aside -- I'm what?? This is a NEW post!
I'm not quoting or responding to anyone else!
There's no way I'm top posting!!

(Or maybe to flip it around, OF COURSE I'm top posting,
there's nothing underneath cause it's a new message!!)

So, my introduction to the Bioconductor community is not going too well.

That's too bad.  

If there is anyone in the community who would be
willing to advise a senior molecular biologist
(Mac-literate, but NOT command line or UNIX savvy)
on a legitimate question about R installation and
TCLTK issues, please email me directly.

david clayton
dclayton at uiuc.edu

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