[BioC] Problems with homology packages

Bosotti, Roberta [Nervianoms] Roberta.Bosotti at nervianoms.com
Mon Jul 4 10:09:09 CEST 2005

Dear list,

I'm trying to obtain a list of mouse homologs of human genes present in
Affymetrix chips (human hgu133plus2 and mouse 430) following the homology
packages Vignette, but I didn't succeded. Here is the code and the error
messages I got.
I'm using R-2.1.1 and Bioconductor 1.6 package.
Could you help me?
Thanks, Roberta

>subset(mmuhomologyORGCODE, species_name == "Homo sapiens")
Error in subset.matrix(mmuhomologyORGCODE, species_name == "Homo sapiens") :

        Object "species_name" not found
>temp <- mget(mmuhomologyHGID, mmuhomologyDATA)
>tempFun <- function(x) {
 for (i in x) {
 if (!is.na(i[["homoOrg"]]) && i[["homoOrg"]] ==
 "hsa" && i[["homoPS"]] > 90) {
>goodGenes <- sapply(temp, tempFun)> goodGenes <- sapply(temp, tempFun)
Error in if (!is.na(i[["homoOrg"]]) && i[["homoOrg"]] == "hsa" &&
i[["homoPS"]] >  : 
        missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

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