[BioC] Getting LimmaGUI to run

chris umbricht cumbrich at jhmi.edu
Mon Jul 11 22:26:50 CEST 2005


thanks for your feedback, and I do understand your directions, i.e. I 
think I will be able to navigate this X11 dependency with your 

I was trying to give Stefano some feedback, since he is heavily 
involved in developing the OS X version of R.App, and I'm trying to 
distinguish between my misunderstanding some elements of the GUI vs 
having a corrupted installation. It seems to me that having to delete 
the .RData file from the terminal should not be necessary as routine 

I'm hoping he will chime in, since he asked me for more details 
earlier, but I'm not sure what he needs.

On Jul 11, 2005, at 4:18 PM, Rob J Goedman wrote:

> Chris,
> Remove .RData (as in previous emails).
> Start R and close R. When it asks if you want to save
> the session, choose Save to create a new .RData file.
> I nearly always select Don't Save, which will not create a new
> .Rdata file.
> If you don't load tcltk, jpeg and/or png, e.g. used in marray, (maybe
> there are a few other packages that will require X11), you don't need
> X11 and it will not end up as a dependency in .RData.
> Or you can automatically start X11 when you login (Drag it to Login
> items of your Account is System Preferences).
> Rob
> On Jul 11, 2005, at 12:44 PM, chris umbricht wrote:
>> Right, so how do I change the .RData back to not containing tcltk 
>> calls?
>> I tried the (to me) obvious steps of unchecking anything tcltk-related
>> in the manager, and trying to clear the workspace etc. without 
>> apparent
>> effect...
>> c.
>> On Jul 11, 2005, at 12:39 PM, stefano iacus wrote:
>>> Hi Chris,
>>> no it has always been the case. And the problem is that probably your
>>> .RData contains calls to tcltk.
>>> Any call to tcltk, X11 etc requires a X11 server to be running.
>>> btw, I need more detailed bug report that this.
>>> stefano
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