[BioC] 430A/B and 430 2.0???

Anand C.Patel acpatel at usa.net
Sat Jul 16 01:28:33 CEST 2005

OK.  We have arrays for an experiment that has run over several years. 
Initial arrays were performed using MG-U74v2 arrays, but we no longer use
those data, as we repeated and expanded the experiment later.

Currently, we have much data on 430A/B sets:
naive mice (3/strain), and two treatment conditions at days 3, 8, and 21

Recently, we moved to the 430 2.0 array, and now have data for days 49 and 77

I should like best to be able to generate a normalization across all of the
arrays in order to use LIMMA to evaluate for effects of condition, time, and
strain and their interactions with all of the data as a whole.

One option would be if there's a way to pseudo-split a 430 2.0 array into 430A
and 430B to allow analysis as if they were all 430A/B sets.  The other would
be a merge, but I know that's come up before and doesn't seem doable.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Anand C. Patel, MD
Washington University School of Medicine
acpatel at usa.net

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