[BioC] Getting LimmaGUI to run

chris umbricht cumbrich at jhmi.edu
Tue Jul 19 17:06:31 CEST 2005

Thanks, Stefano, that worked.

Just for my benefit, how does


differ from what you achieve using the menu commands, e.g. "clear 
workspace, save workspace, save default workspace"?

Do they have no effect on the .RData file?


On Jul 19, 2005, at 6:35 AM, stefano iacus wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> it seems that in your workspace there are lots of tcltk dependencies.
> Loading Tcl/Tk interface ... done
> > ls(all.names=T)
> [1] ".JustAskedWhetherToSave" ".Random.seed"            ".Traceback"
> [4] ".affylmGUIglobals"       ".limmaGUIglobals"        ".required"
> [7] "dati"                    "r"                       "x"
> >
> and in particular the offending one, i.e. the one causing tcltk to be 
> loaded are
> .affylmGUIglobals
> .limmaGUIglobals
> and the forth argument in .required
> my suggestion is to do something like
> rm(list=ls(all.names=T))
> save.image()
> this will clean up your .RData file
> stefano

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