[BioC] Resourcerer, Error in author[["authors"]]

Morten Mattingsdal morten.mattingsdal at student.uib.no
Tue Jun 7 14:37:09 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,

I have some trouble with Resourcerer package. I want to convert the
Agilent_Human1Av2 array to a BioC meta-data package as described in "How to use
Resourcerer". Everything goes fine (except the kegg errors) until this error:

resourcerer2BioC("Agilent_Human1Av2.zip", organism="human",
destDir=file.path(.path.package("Resourcerer"), "temp"),
pkgName=("AgilentHuman1Av2"), srcUrls=getSrcUrl("all","Homo sapiens"),
otherSrc=NULL,baseMapType="gbNRef", version="1.0.0", makeXML=TRUE, fromWeb=True,
baseUrl="ftp://ftp.tigr.org/pub/data/tgi/Resourcerer", check=FALSE,
author=list(author="Anonymous",maintainer="mortema at medisin.uio"))

Error in author[["authors"]] : subscript out of bounds
[1] "Unsuccessful"

I use R 2.1.0 and Resourcerer 1.1.1 on Linux

Cant seem to figure this one out (its seems kinda trivial). Anyone knows what I am doing wrong? 


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