[BioC] organism = mouse or Mus Musculus in AnnBuilder

Christopher Wilkinson christopher.wilkinson at adelaide.edu.au
Wed Jun 8 06:19:58 CEST 2005

I have a query about the format of the organism name to use in ABPkgBuilder and
getSrcUrl functions of AnnBuilder. It seems in some functions organism should be
the official name (eg Mus Musculus) but in other functions it should be the
common name (eg mouse).

The vignette states that you can get the src URls by calling

mySrcUrl <- getSrcUrl("all","mouse")
However this fails for Golden Path (UCSC) Url. The fix is to use the scientific
name Mus Musculus. e.g.
mySrcUrl <- getSrcUrl("all","Mus Musculus")

When calling the ABPkgBuilder function it states that the organism argument may
only be "human", "mouse" or "rat".

I assume if I use Mus Musculus in getSrcUrl and mouse in ABPkgBuilder all will
be ok. This seems a little inconsistent so are there plans to accept either
common or official name? I assume if I use organism = "Mus Musculus" in
ABPkgBuilder it will generate an error.


(RH9 Linux, R 2.1.0, BioC 1.6 = AnnBuilder 1.5.31)

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