[BioC] table2html problem

Giulio Di Giovanni perimessaggini at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 15 14:55:04 CEST 2005


Does anyone know why I'm getting errors trying to build a simple html table 
from my gene list?
I have cloneIDs, and if I'm not wrong I always wrote

table2html(selgenes, "genes.html", mapURL = SMDclid)

to use Stanford Database clone IDs (as actually URLstring command shows..)

but now I receive

Error in table2html(geni, "genesUC.html", mapURL = SMDclid) :
        Object "SMDclid" not found

SMDclid wasn't a valid option ?
How and where can I link CloneIDs ?

(BTW  I'm just discovering that widget.mapGeneInfo it doesn't work 
anymore... it gives Error in widget.mapGeneInfo(names) : couldn't find 
function "widgetRender"

thanks a lot



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