[BioC] NRC Postdoctoral Research Associateships at NIST

Marc Salit salit at nist.gov
Mon Jun 20 22:06:10 CEST 2005

The “Metrology for Gene Expression” program at the National Institute  
for Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD, is seeking  
enthusiastic and talented postdoctoral research candidates interested  
in exploring the basic measurement properties of microarrays and how  
those properties affect their application. Our work is focused on  
understanding the performance of microarray gene expression analysis,  
through the entire measurement process from RNA extraction, sample  
preparation, labeling, hybridization, detection, and data analysis.

We invite interested candidates to apply for Postdoctoral Research  
Associateships available through the National Research Council (NRC).  
These positions are targeted at Ph.D. candidates who will graduate in  
2005-2006. There are two upcoming application dates, August 1, 2005  
and February 1, 2006. Information regarding the application,  
deadlines, tenure dates, and salary and benefits package is available  
on the NRC Research Associate Program website –


These research associateships are two-year appointments with an  
annual salary of $55,700. These positions are highly competitive and  
attract outstanding candidates. Typically, 40-50 of these  
associateships are awarded each year at NIST.

Our multidisciplinary team (biologists, chemists, chemometricians and  
statisticians) is addressing the reliability, validity, uncertainty,  
comparability, dynamic range, selectivity/specificity, and linearity  
of microarray results. All aspects of the molecular biology,  
chemistry, physics, and informatics of microarray measurements are  
fair game for study. We invite inquiry from applicants who are  
interested in any facet of this program.

These postdoc appointments are excellent opportunities for recent  
Ph.D. graduates who are seeking additional experience prior to  
accepting a permanent academic or industrial position. Historically,  
a number of these awardees have also become permanent employees at NIST.

Please feel free to contact any of the advisors listed below.

Best regards,
Marc Salit

Advisor Information:
Salit, Marc L.
(301) 975-3646
salit at nist.gov

Duewer, David Lee
(301) 975-3935
david.duewer at nist.gov

Wang, Lili
(301) 975-2447
lili.wang at nist.gov

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