[BioC] affycomp hgu133 assessment error

Ariel Chernomoretz ariel.chernomoretz at crchul.ulaval.ca
Wed Jun 29 18:34:43 CEST 2005

Dear list,

I get the following error when trying to run affycomp on rma expressions of 
the hgu133a spike in experiment,

> s.rma  <-read.newspikein("eset_hgu133a/rma133.csv")
> a.rma  <-assessSpikeIn2(s.rma,method.name="rma")
Performing 3 assessments that will take a few secondsError in 
exprset[-spikein, ] : only 0's may mix with negative subscripts

The command runs smoothly on hgu95a data, though 
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ariel Chernomoretz, Ph.D.
Centre de recherche du CHUL
2705 Blv Laurier, bloc T-367
Sainte-Foy, Qc
G1V 4G2
(418)-525-4444 ext 46339

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