[BioC] error using humanLLMappingsACCNUM2LL

Denise Scholtens dscholtens at northwestern.edu
Fri Mar 4 18:08:35 CET 2005

Hello all,

I am trying to map a set of Genbank accession numbers to LocusLink IDs and 
get the following error using humanLLMappingsACCNUM2ALL:

 > get("AF426250",humanLLMappingsACCNUM2LL)
Error in get("AF426250", humanLLMappingsACCNUM2LL) :
         recursive default argument reference

I can map the other way from locuslink id to accession number, for example

 > get("219970",humanLLMappingsLL2ACCNUM)
  [1] "AF426250" "AW264415" "CN276025" "CV028891" "BF214297" "BF240961"
  [7] "BF328755" "AW755263" "BI761985" "BC016789" "BC021682" "NM"
[13] "BU676996" "CA311201"

Has anyone encountered this problem before?  Can you tell me how to deal 
with it?

Thanks for your help,

Denise Scholtens, Ph.D.
Northwestern Medical School
Department of Preventive Medicine
Chicago, IL

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