[BioC] siggenes package

madhurima bhattacharjee madhurima_b at persistent.co.in
Fri Oct 28 11:30:03 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,

I am using the siggenes package.
I have a data set of 45101 genes across 4 experiments.
I wanted to perform a two class paired SAM analysis with the data.
My data is stored in the form of a 45101*4 matrix(B) and the class 
vector is like 0,0,1,1(B.cl).
I have used the following commands to plot my data..

 > plot(samtest.out,1.5)
where delta value is 1.5.

But I cant figure out how to pass the lower and upper horizontal cutoffs 
to the sam function.
So the plot showed all genes marked in green.
Can anybody please  help me ASAP?

Thanks and Regards,

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