[BioC] How to use biomaRt with RMySQL under Windows

Earl F. Glynn efg at stowers-institute.org
Thu Jan 26 23:41:11 CET 2006

"James W. MacDonald" <jmacdon at med.umich.edu> wrote
in message news:43D9335A.3050908 at med.umich.edu...

> > I'm confused.  There is no libs/libMySQL.dll but only a
> > file.
> Odd. Maybe you got a bum download? I checked my RMySQL installation, and
> also re-downloaded the binary package, and I have

Jim, you're absolutely right.  I was having problems downloading the file
The problem could have been a proxy server problem on my end, a fire wall
problem somewhere, or a high level of cosmic rays somewhere <g>.  I could
see the page, but all attempts to download any file from that page timed out
on me earlier today. I gave up after about a dozen attempts.

Since Google didn't seem to know about any other copies of the file on the
Internet, I requested one by E-mail from David James.  He was so kind to
send me one very quickly, but the one I received by E-mail didn't have the
.DLL your were describing.  So, I found the needed DLL somewhere else. <g>.

The problem preventing my direct downloads has gone away, and yes, I can now
see the DLL file you're describing.  All is well now, and RMySQL and biomaRt
are working quite nicely under Windows -- and installed but not yet tested
under Linux.  I try to keep the same tools working on both platforms
whenever possible.

Thanks again,


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