[BioC] affylmGUI ver 1.10.2 bug fix in release branch

Keith Satterley keith at wehi.EDU.AU
Fri Jun 1 02:26:39 CEST 2007

Version 1.10.2 of affylmGUI has been submitted to the Release version of
Bioconducor.  Unfortunately some bugs slipped past me in version 1.10.0 of
affylmGUI. The main ones related to not using accessor functions for
certain objects. Also the ExpressionSet objects returned by rma and gcrma
and the PLMset object returned by fitPLM were not handled correctly by
affylmGUI. It now correctly extracts the expression and se.expression
values into matrices. Also the heatdiagram will now save as a PNG/JPG/PDF.
It seems it never did!.

As version 1.10.0 always gave an error message on the initial reading of
datafiles, I suggest all users upgrade to the new version asap,

Keith Satterley
Maintainer of affylmGUI.
PS. ver 1.10.2 will be submitted to the devel branch in the next 24 hours.
I away from my office at the moment.

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