[BioC] Is anyone developing an extensible Galaxy-like interface for Bioconductor?

Deanne Taylor DTAYLOR at hsph.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 1 21:52:22 CEST 2008

Dear all:

Iis anyone aware of  any projects creating an extensible platform that can act as an interface to Bioconductor that could be used to deliver Bioconductor methods to non-command-line-using users?

 To save some replies: 

* I am aware of limmaGUI and affylmGUI, but the tcl/tk interface is frustrating to some users who have difficulty installing tcl/tk independently while having R recognize it.  Macs and some *nix have been particularly problematic for some reasons.

* I am also aware of CARMAweb, bioconductor packages and a few other basic R-web-interfaces, but I would like something more extensible outside of the R framework that could work both in R and in Python/Perl for example. Something more modular.

*  I'm thinking something like Galaxy or Bioclipse. I realize Ross Lazarus is working on Rgenetics against Galaxy and Galaxy might be a good solution.

If anyone is aware of other projects (beginning or ongoing or planned) in this area, I'd deeply appreciate getting pointers to them!



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