[BioC] Is anyone developing an extensible Galaxy-like interface for Bioconductor?

Ross Lazarus ross.lazarus at channing.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 5 12:29:31 CEST 2008

Mark, just to set the record straight; your statement about lack of 
persistence for Galaxy histories applies *only* to anonymous (non-logged 
in) users.

Galaxy histories are unlimited in number, and are *permanent* (at least 
until the main site runs out of disk space) for logged in users. 
Accounts are free for the taking. Please register an account for 
yourself one and try it - create and name a couple of histories, run 
some tools in each one, logout and return.

It's one of the many framework features that Galaxy pioneered years ago 
and I'm sure the Galaxy developers are sincerely flattered to see it 
imitated in other frameworks :)

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> Hi list,
> Another GUI interface worth mentioning is genePattern, from the folks  
> at the Broad. It already talks to R (thought not the very latest  
> version, and thus not the latest BioC), and for every command that you  
> run, it shows you the actual R (or Matlab) code that is being run.
> There are a large number of user submitted modules, suggesting that it  
> is relatively easy to extend GP for your own purposes.
> In this respect, it is similar to galaxy in that you need to design a  
> simple web page to specify the data and parameters, which then gets  
> passed to your R code.
> Unlike galaxy, the data in GP remains more persistent, so after you  
> import it, and create and expressionSet style of object, then you can  
> perform different tasks on that data.

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