[BioC] similarity between two gene lists with varied length

Cesare Furlanello furlan at fbk.eu
Sun Aug 24 19:25:12 CEST 2008

Dear Weiwei

you may be interested in the approach in

G. Jurman, S. Merler, A. Barla, S. Paoli, A. Galea, and C. Furlanello. Algebraic stability indicators for ranked lists in molecular profiling. Bioinformatics, 24(2):258-264, 2008.

with standalone software at: https://biodcv.fbk.eu/static/listspy.html

and a Python package at: https://mlpy.fbk.eu/

best regards

// cesare

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Subject: [BioC] similarity between two gene lists with varied length

Dear listers,

a little off-topic:

I am looking for and compare algorithms which can calculate "distance" or
"similarity" between two gene lists with different lengths.

Any paper, any implementation in R and any suggestion is welcome!


Weiwei Shi, Ph.D
Research Scientist
GeneGO, Inc.

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