[BioC] jj sent you a friend request on Yaari...

jj joshopever at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 08:52:58 CET 2008

   jj thomas wants you to join Yaari!
   Is jj your friend?
   [1]Yes, jj is my friend!      [2]No, jj isn't my friend.
   Please respond or jj might think you said no :(
   The Yaari Team
   You are receiving this message because someone you know registered for Yaari
   and listed you as a contact.
   If you prefer not to receive this email tell us [3]here.
   If you have any concerns regarding the content of this message, please email
   abuse at yaari.com.
   Yaari LLC, 358 Angier Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312


   1. http://www.yaari.com/y-register.php?i=3E0SNVGWH7CTOWWA1201483576
   2. http://www.yaari.com/y-register.php?i=no
   3. http://yaari.com/y-email-opt-out.php?param=YmlvY29uZHVjdG9yQHN0YXQubWF0aC5ldGh6LmNo

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