[BioC] Are any of you interested in designing general web-based tools for people who do not write codes?

Ron yzhu5 at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 20 23:55:26 CET 2008

Hello all,

As most of you are, I’m helping researchers in analyzing microarray data 
by writing my own R scripts for each specific problem. I often feel 
frustrated by low efficiency of my work. In most cases, someone has 
already solved similar problems but I have to write my own codes again. 
Also, my coding work is most likely duplicated by many other programmers 
for similar problems. It would be nice if we can standardize our codes 
and make them readily available for other programmers or even 

I have put such effort in building EzArray (http://ezarray.com/) that is 
a web-based highly automated Affymetrix expression array data management 
and analysis system. This system uses a web-based data management system 
(BxAF, in my case) for efficient online data management and sharing. On 
top of it, I have integrated tools to run generalized R scripts to 
process data dynamically online. Right now, EzArray can perform simple 
data pre-processing, statistical testing, and gene annotation. Right 
now, I’m adding other R scripts to extend the data analysis 
capabilities, such as QTL mapping, gene ontology and pathway analysis, 
gene network analysis, re-analyzing published microarray data, and a lot 

I’m interested in teaming up with any of you and carry the project 
further. It is much better if we can team up and fully elaborate the 
power of the open source community and service all scientific 
researchers more efficiently. I have set up a discussion forum 
“Designing tools for people who do not write codes” at 
http://ezarray.com/phpBB3/ for discussion purpose. If any of you are 
interested, we can discuss the long term project goals on the forum and 
I can introduce you the current project progress personally.

Sorry for those who are not interested in this topic and please just 
discard it. This is a one-time message.


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