[BioC] [SOLVED] Factorial experiment: No degree of freedom in maanova

Marcelo Laia marcelolaia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 04:34:25 CET 2008

Ciao Alessandro,

I figured out that we can do a factorial analysis in two steps:

First, make full model object with all main effects, interactions and
biological replicate effects.

     Use matest (from maanova package) to test the interactions effects.

Second, make a model object without interactions effects (only main
and biological replicate effects).

     Use matest (from maanova package) to test the main effects.

I have been used mixed model in both.

I hope this help you, but, if you have another questions, please, ask me!



2008/2/20, Alessandro Fazio <fazioalessandro at hotmail.com>:
>  Ciao Marcelo!
>  What do you mean step-by-step? I have used recently MAANOVA and I had a
> similar problem in analysing interaction effect...
>  Thanks
>  -alessandro

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