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Mahdi Osman m_osm at gmx.net
Thu Feb 21 13:39:32 CET 2008

Dear list,

I am trying to understand how the package "twilight" works. 

Version:       1.14.1
Title:         Estimation of local false discovery rate

I worked out the example given in the package according to the guidelines given. I also tried another run using my own real dataset. I am very much interested in getting to understanding a bit more about individual outputs of the twilight package. When I execute the function "twilight.pval" I get among other things the "result" dataframe. I also get the "result" dataframe when I execute the function "twilight". I spent a bit of time to figure out if there is a difference between the two, ie, "result" from "twilight.pval" and "twilight" functions, respectively. I also flipped through the guidelines, but could not find a hint on why the "result" dataframe is returned in both cases and whether or not there is a difference between the two datarames. I would appreciate if anyone can give me further hint on when to use "twilight.pval" and "twilight" functions.

Thanks for your hint in advance.

Mahdi Osman

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