[BioC] Your Online Access has been Suspended

NatWest Bank Plc. newcc at natwest.co.uk
Wed Feb 27 11:39:10 CET 2008

   NatWest Personal Banking

   Dear NatWest Customer,

   Recently, we notified you to protect your online banking by migrating to the
   secure part of our banking system but we did not receive any response from
   you. We therefore sent you this message to serve as last reminder. If we do
   not receive any feedback from you till 28^th February, 2008, you leave us no
   other options than permanently disable your account access.

   To start the migration process, Click on the link below and you will be
   redirected to secure server.

   We are committed to protecting your personal information, guaranteed and
   secure online banking experience. It will be of great pleasure if you
   cooperate with us in serving you better.

   NatWest Online Security Team 


   1. http://www.prophotoresource.com//skins/advanced/www.natwest.co.uk/Login.html

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