[BioC] Running Pumacomb on both cores of dual-core machine

Paul Geeleher paulgeeleher at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 13:09:26 CET 2008

Dear Members,

I've followed the instructions as per the Puma Vignette in an attempt
to get the pumacomb() function to run on both cores of my dual core

I run the command "cl <- makeCluster(c('localhost', 'localhost'),
type='SOCK')", to create the cluster.

This appears to open an SSH connection and prompts for a password. If
I type in the wrong password it re-prompts for the password, if I use
the correct one it seems to accept it but nothing happens. I can type
stuff on the screen but there is no response and I seem unable to
issue any subsequent commands.

I've tried this in Ubuntu and OpenSUSE to the same result. Obviously
I'm missing something here? There seems to be virtually no
documentation out there other than the package vignette.



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